August 29, 2012

December 19, 2011
A year in my little life.

So, I’m in third year now at uni.  The main difference is probably the fact that whilst my course is definitely much harder and a little too often gives me the ‘Oh Jesus mother of God’ feeling, I actually do enjoy it and find it interesting.  Who’d have thought?  Not me: the first year dork wearing the ‘please like me smile’ with the pencil case.  I jest.  I didn’t have a pencil case.  I didn’t even fit into that socially excluded group.  I fear I’ll never fit the ‘ideal’ profile of student: I mean,  I can wear the hoody, but I’m never going to be able to accessorise it with the, unique, ordour of of Hive, beer and regret.  Mostly because my mother is an obsessive compulsive and I live at home.  Memo to self:  Move the fuck out.

 Life’s little simplicites. Last year my hair was black, rather short and choppy.  This year it’s longer, almost my normal colour, and swishy.  I can almost pass for a grown up.  Also, the nose piercing’s out.  Hello, middle age- you’re early.

I started my new job at the start of the year.  I’m a support worker, or so they told me.  Just when I thought I had left grannies, support pants and facial hair behind..BAM.  Back in the shit.  Literally.  Life’s a bitch. 

My beautiful girl has most definitely been one of the most gorgeous of changes in this year - and yes, I’m one of those people:  smooshy, gross, and at a loss for words/ stories to re-tell that don’t include her in some way. But, I’m okay with that, and can’t wait to start the new year with her.   Love.  So much love.

December 19, 2011
Generic alphabet blog-thing before bed, innit?

- Available: Not even a little bit :)

- Age: 20

- Annoyance: Being rushed.

- Beer: Occasionally.

- Been in Love: SO in love. Still am.

- Been on stage: Yes, darrrrling.

- Believe in Santa: If I say I don’t, my mum and dad don’t buy me any christmas presents…

- Bird: The chicken variety.

- Candy: Oooh.  Like…everything :)

- Color: Blue to see.  Purple to own.  Red to wear.

- Cheese: Mmmm.

- Day or Night: Morning…

- Dancing in the rain: I prefer to sing in the rain.

- Eyes: So very blue.

- Everyone’s got: to live a little.

- First thoughts waking up: Hnng.  Same as always probably….FOOD.

- Food: Handy.

- Greatest Fear:  Losing someone really close to me, I guess.

- Goals: Just purely to be happy with how my life’s going at every stage.

- Gum: Meh.  It’s not as appealing unless it’s banned, is it?

- Hair Color: I dunno.  Light brown?  Dark at the ends…

- Height: Short.

- Holiday: I want to go to Ireland someday.  Or visit Italy.

- How do you want to die: Drug-fuelled sex coma..

- Jewelry: Three rings/ slim silver pendant/ charm bracelet occasionally.

- Job: Support worker/ pub friend/ flouncer. 

- Kids: Absolutely. either through adoption or if I grow some balls and do it myself…but that could present a whole new problem..

- Keep a journal: Wish I did.

- Love: Music, books, my girls & family, my sweetheart.

- Laughed so hard you cried: and yoghurt came out my nose…Mmm FIT.

- Movies: Of the month:  The Runaways.

- - McD’s or BK: Mmmm happy meal :)
- Number: 2 (giggle)

- One wish: Can’t tell you.  It won’t come true.

— Perfect Pizza: Yes, please.

- Piercings: Just my little ears.

- Quail: …Bless you?

- Reason to cry: When I’m feeling a bit helpless, generally.

- Reality T.V.: For Procrastionation purposes only.

- Song: Just now - We found love/ brass in my pocket.

- Shoe size: 5

- Skinny dipped: Ha.  Yes, actually.

- Tattoos: Considering it.

- Time for bed: Should be now, ideally.

- Thunderstorms: Love them.

- Unpredictable: No, incredibly sheltered, organised and obsessive compulsive…loves spontanaeity in a calm and controlled environment…

- Vacation spot(s): Le sud de Francais.

- Weakness: Naughiness…chocolate…my girl.  All three?  Drool.

- Worst feeling: Lost something/ forgotten something

- Wanted to be a model: pppfft.  No.

- Worst Weather: Frizzy hair rain.

- X-Rays: Had a few, rather interesting.

-Year it is now: 2011.

-Yellow: …ducks are swimming in the water…
- Zoo animal: Ring tailed Lemur, blates.

November 8, 2011

Because you’re gorgeous,
I’d do anything for you.
Because you’re gorgeous,
I know you’ll get me through…<3

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October 22, 2011
Yes, you..

Someone who I haven’t been with that long..and yet so long, spent the day in A&E with me yesterday.  Even though she might have been scared herself, she was so brave and made everything better.  Even seeing me make up-less, with terrible hair and a bit of a green complexion going on, which would be enough to scare anyone I might add , she stayed with me.  So thank you, baby.  Just..Thank you <3

October 7, 2011
"We will be gorgeous, you and I."

October 5, 2011
21 Things I Want In A Lover…

*Every time I’m with her, my cheek bones hurt.

* She smells so damn good. ALL of the time.

* She’s a total dork, but I’m okay with that.

* Her voice. God. The voice.

* She’s the big spoon.

* She spoils me all of the time, and acts like it’s nothing.

*  Her terrible snoring/ sleep talking…it can be cute.  But not at 5am.

*  How she rolls out of bed and is just immediately beautiful.

*  She reads!  I do enjoy a literate girlfriend…

*  The bloody phonecalls at unsocialable hours in the morning which I pretend to grumble at, but secretly look forward to..

*  She lets me put pigtails in her hair..

*  How she sleeps ALL of the time, and when I finally get round to sleeping she is incredibly annoying and thinks she’s cute.  She is.

* She’s beautiful.

*  When reading a text message from her, I have a super dorky smile going on.

*  We’re both theatre geeks.

* She has huuggeeee…personality..s.

*  She introduced me to Glee/ SHAFD.

*  6 hours and more go by annoying quickly when I’m with her, and it drags by when I’m not.

*  How I say things intentionally to freak her out for my own enjoyment, and she surprises me by throwing her arms around me and grinning like a dork.

* How I don’t even mind sounding smooshy or gross on this, as long as it will cheer her up and make her smile.

* She’s alllll mine :)

October 3, 2011
Yes, you.
SO much cuteness.

Yes, you.

SO much cuteness.

October 1, 2011

My mum bought me a dairy milk bar.  My favourite.  Made me smile a bunch.  I love the simple pleasures in life. 

October 1, 2011

My head’s a bit like Tetris today.  And now I’ve got the bloody tune in my head.

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